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Cardeno C – Walk With Me (Home Series, Book Seven)

Walk With Me (Home Book 7) - Cardeno C.

Reviewer: Diane

Genre: M/M Contemporary


Eli Block has had a crush on Seth Cohen since he first understood he was attracted to boys, so when he finds him in his living room when he is now 18, he figures he has a great opportunity to seduce him! Unfortunately, Seth shuts down his flirtations and sexual advances, but he does feel drawn to Eli and enjoys his company. The two start a friendship that grows as they become bestfriends through Eli’s college years, as he matures but maintains his enthusiasm for life, as well as through Seth’s career as a rabbi, which apparently has an initiation of its own – weddings!
The story is told from the alternating points of view of Seth and Eli.

My favorite book of the series – how is that for a start?

Initially, these two characters are so different; Eli is young, bold, flirty and definitely in touch with his sexuality. Seth is a new rabbi, working for Eli’s father and while he is not a prude, he does believe in a certain level of behavior and is looking more for emotion with sex rather than simply sex for the sake of sex. Don’t worry, there are sex scenes in this book, but the story is more about the journey and growth of these two characters.

I love both of these characters and how their friendship develops and becomes more – up until Eli was making bold passes at Seth, he actually thought he was straight because he’d only had girlfriends up to the start of the story when he is 27. He’d had girlfriends before, had even had sex with his last one and had never noticed guys although he’d never had issues with gay men either since some of his friends are gay men. In fact, those are the people he turns to when he finds himself feeling attracted to Eli, since that is something new for him and I really enjoyed how the author explored that with Seth, how open he was to the feelings he was having and not freaking out to discount it as his first reaction.


For Eli, he just knew what he wanted and decided to go for it – and I have to say, I love his parents, that they accept who he is since the first proposition to Seth is in their living room while they are there! The only one embarrassed or uncomfortable was Seth!
He does take whatever time he can get with Seth to heart, particularly when he tells Eli that for him, sex is about emotion and wants him to consider that. Eli, while at college, does try sex for the sake of sex and learns firsthand what Seth meant! Watching him grow and mature through the story, while still maintaining his personality, was as entertaining as watching how many unusual, challenging or crazy weddings Seth could end up officiating!


I would recommend this book for MM romance fans who like the development of a relationship as well as the hot scenes. This one is funny as well as heart warming and you get appearances by several characters from the other books. A fantastic series that I really enjoyed reading and highly recommend. One thing I realize I have not mentioned in the reviews up until now is a bonus chapter for each book as a follow up to where the characters were at the time of their books. There are a couple of spoilers in them, but still a fun addition for the second edition of these books!

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