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Katherine Halle – Fixing the Hole

Fixing the Hole - Katherine Halle

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/M Contemporary


Let me say going in that I knew this was a novella, but when the narrator said "the end" I said out loud, "Oh... really?" So unfortunately the last impression I'm left with is that it ended a bit abruptly. It's a solid HFN, but it basically ends just when Steve finally gets his head out of his ass and decides to give it a try, so don't expect any more than 1 or 2 steamy kisses.


But that being said, it's still a solid 3 star read (I just can't give more than that since for me it isn't developed enough to feel 4 star worthy). I really liked Riley, he's an overly talkative, overly chipper guy that you kinda can't not love. He reminded me a lot of Jeremy from Amy Lane's How To Raise An Honest Rabbit with the nervous ramblings, perhaps is part due to that fact that it's the same narrator.


This narrator does a great job with these light novella's. Sometimes I feel like his voice is too casual and I can't get too deep below the surface, but like I said, that's sorta perfect for this type of book because it stops before it gets too deep. I'd love a sequel to see where things go!

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