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Cheryl Dragon – Sterling New Year

Sterling New Year - Cheryl Dragon

Reviewer: Vivian

Genre: MMMFcontemporary


What every girl wants--cocks galore and a show.


I enjoyed the sex more than the story. Not that it rocked my world, not enough feelings and sensory input for my preferences, but it was hot how all three interacted fully. Or sort of.


The story just had issues with the set up that pulled in previous series characters and gave it the preset layout, which meant two other women in menage a quatres and the two free agents. Not for long, Tiffany's going down--I'm sorry if you just had an 80s flashback, but keep on trucking. With all these women the discussions revolve around hair, clothes, makeup--even in the wilds of Alaska. And weddings, because we've got that going on. I'm so uninterested in any of that. Trust me, I have glitter and use it, but I have zero interest in what color eyeshadow and lipliner she's wearing.


Packing a handgun to take down stray bears in town--What kind of hollow point bullets is she using? I gave this a side-eye. Actually, if anyone knows please drop a comment and let me know.


Odd town of Sterling has a propensity for polyamory. Yippee! I find it odd that there's a prescribed setup to it. Strictly a three men, one women deal here. Don't get me wrong, I love polyamory--the more the merrier, but the idea that there is a set way of doing a relationship, especially one like this seems so wrong. Or contrived.


Seriously, the first 50% of the books was: Blah, blah, blah... false eyelashes; blah, blah, blah... assume it's real fur; blah, blah, blah... military guys are hot, weddings... I kind of tried to read faster so I could get to something better. To be fair, with the males' point of views, the story took a significant turn for the better.


We get some action! Okay, it's in bed, but I'll take anything at this point. Now, I mentioned that it was fully integrated, which is true emotionally, but between the three guys they have their roles: All alpha, switch boy, and enthusiastic bottom. Just so you're clear, they all love pussy, too. Tiffany doesn't have to worry about being slighted by any of her adoring men.


Overall, cliched menage set-up that couldn't be saved by average sex.


Favorite quote:

She’d learn to juggle all those balls, or at least the cocks.

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