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R.J. Jones – Black & Blühe (Out of the Blue, #2)

Black & Blühe - RJ Jones


Genre:M/M Contemporary


3.75 Hearts


This was a really enjoyable story, and I loved the addition of the twins' relationship as an added component. Grey and Kris have been eying each other for weeks/months as Kris attends the Black Brothers shows in small, run down bars. But Grey is terrified of the way Kris makes him feel, and is resistant to anything more due to his long-standing guilt complex and need to constantly protect his brother (even though there is nothing currently hurting Jet).


Despite them both having strong feelings for each other without yet meeting, this didn't feel like insta-love. They both developed crushes from afar, and once they got to know each other those feelings deepened (even though Grey was being an ass - I know I've been there, jackassery unfortunately does not disqualify someone from crush status). So the feelings felt genuine and certainly slow-burn, since it took a while for Grey to get over his shit.


The whole book actually, despite things at least starting to progress by halfway through. Of course I got frustrated with Grey acting like a child and being rude to Kris when he was nothing but nice. But I could see he regretted his actions, and he was sincere in his apology. I was okay with Grey's commitaphobe behavior the first two times, although I'll admit I was annoyed by his third attempt at running. That seemed a little much, and I was surprised Kris would put up with so much. But given the emotional revelations, it all felt genuine and I did believe it from both sides.


I liked that Jet acknowledged his and his brothers co-dependence, yet I still enjoyed the frequent hugs, small touches, and support that the brothers offered each other. Kris and Jet's friendship was another component that added to the story, and it would have been unrealistic for Kris and Grey to have a relationship without that.


I loved how Grey ended up being the one who needed protection, who was so broken and vulnerable, despite initially being the more brash and tough one. Very sweet hurt/comfort book with the lovely addition of non-incesty twin-love. I'm desperately hoping Jet gets his own loveable firefighter, although I have a feelings Mason and Brandon will get the next book!

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