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Sydney Presley – One Bit at a Time

One Bit at a Time - Sydney Presley

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Paranormal


Review: Raven is a shifter who happens to be gay and likes cross-dressing. His life was okay while his mother was alive but since her death his father has made life miserable because he himself can’t stand being alive while his mate is not. He blames Raven for his mother’s death, though it was an accident and Raven was just a cub, and this makes it worse.

Raven was caught wearing his sister’s clothes and that’s just the end for his father so Raven is on the run, searching for that mythical sounding mansion his brother told him about, where all shifters are accepted and given haven. Unbelievably, he finds it and this is where he meets Boss, the owner and all around awesome man. Boss is understanding and a good person and he’s also going to teach Raven how to accept himself just as he is, “one bit at a time”.


The story is a novella, 116 pages on my iPad, and for the length I found it enjoyable and a bit unique. I wish there had been less inner dialogue by Raven and more social interactions within the mansion. There’s definitely some homophobic language going on and Father Dearest actually hires someone to find Raven and return him home. It was at this moment that Boss endeared himself completely to me. He defends not only his home but those in it.

And the place? That sounds like the greatest place to be if you want to be yourself and be accepted.

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