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J.R. LoveLess – Forgiving Thayne

Forgiving Thayne - J. R. Loveless, Derrick McClain, Dreamspinner Press LLC

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: M/M Paranormal


When I first saw that this audiobook was 11+ hours, I thought I was in for one of those stories with a lot of filler. You know the type— the trope of repeating one’s feelings over and over, questioning the rightness of falling in love, etc. etc. However, this was not that way at all. In fact, though I usually only listen to my audiobooks while in a car or while out walking, I found myself turning this back on frequently throughout the day.


I wish I had read the first book in the series, Chasing Seth, first. It’s on my TBR, and has been for a while, and it’s not really necessary to read it before this one, but the MCs from that book play a strong secondary role in this one, and it would have added to my overall enjoyment of this one, I’m sure.


This story is about Seth’s friend, Nick Cartwright, a man who has looked forward to having a mate since he was a young boy. To Nick, it’s what every shifter can only dream of, and when he suddenly meets his mate in a bar one night, he’s ecstatic—until Thayne, his mate, shuns him after they have sex. Thayne wants no part of having a mate, and he refuses to acknowledge the mating bond. Devastated, Nick returns to his home, totally emotionally shattered.


Six months later, Seth calls to ask for his help. It seems a “created one,” a shifter who was created through sex and blood exchange is on the loose and is threatening his mate’s brother. Seth needs Nick’s help because he has experience in dealing with created ones and because his mate’s brother is none other than Thayne. Seth isn’t foolish enough to tell Nick in advance, but when Nick finds out, he’s shocked and hurt. But, he does decide to help Thayne by completing their mating ritual because that’s the only thing that will break the bond between Thayne and Matt, the one he accidentally turned.


But Nick won’t allow himself to be subjected to Thayne’s rejection and derision, and he sets the ground rules for their partnership. Nick will allow Thayne to live in his home, but Nick himself will live elsewhere. Thayne reluctantly agrees to Nick’s terms, and the mating takes place. But it doesn’t work. It seems that, unless Thayne fully embraces Nick as his mate and surrenders to the bond, the link between him and the created one won’t be broken, and it’s Nick’s life that’s now in danger.


This is a great adventure as Thayne slowly starts to see the hurt he’s causing Nick, and he very slowly comes to terms with many of the things he always thought were untrue and is slowly finding out that he’s been wrong all this time. When Nick’s is severely hurt in an accident, Thayne finally admits just how much Nick means to him—but only to himself. He fails to tell Nick. It takes yet another life-threatening event for Thayne to admit his love for Nick, but it just may be too late.


The narrator was very good, providing a variety of vocalizations to give each MC and secondary character their own voice. At no time was I bored, and I believe this is due in part to the narration, not just the story. If you enjoyed the first book in this series, no doubt you will enjoy this one. If you like stories about shifters, soulmates, hurt/comfort stories, this one will definitely be for you. And if, like me, this is your first JR Loveless story, I hope you are like me because I am going to be buying more very soon. I do recommend this book in the audio format if you are thinking of picking it up because it's very well done.

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