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Jon Keys – Spurred On (Beyond Fairy Tales #2)

Spurred On - Jon Keys

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Fairy Tale


Review: A gay take on Cinderella, cowboy style! Yes, you definitely have to suspend belief for this story, but it is a fairy tale after all. Kegan and his mom are very close and so when she is happily getting remarried, Kegan doesn’t mention that her new husband and his sons are cruel and nasty to him. When mom leaves on a buying trip the abuse just escalates.

Cole is the son of a neighbor who hasn’t made any friends in the area, so the rodeo is a way for him to get to know people. Of course, he is the prince who is immediately smitten with our Kegan. Of course, Kegan has to be able to get there and ride in order for our story to work, made more difficult by sabotage by the wicked stepbrothers. That’s where Ace comes in and I liked that cowboy tie in.

It’s a cute retelling of the Cinderella tale but something that bugged me enough to take away from my enjoyment of the story. Kegan and his mom are close. They have a great relationship and his mom is very supportive. Why in the world would he never, ever mention  that he was being worked to death, having his property destroyed and being bullied constantly to his mom? I understood that he wanted her happy but is that the kind of man she wants?

Overall, a nice retelling of Cinderella and for fairy tale fans, this is a good one. I felt the length was perfect for the story and the characters were likeable and seemed connected.

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