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Liberty Lace – Entwined

Entwined - Liberty Lace

Reviewer: Wendy

Genre:M/M Twincest


Entwined – two or more strands twisted together – a fitting title for a story that is essentially a very tangled web. And just how tangled a web are we talking about? Well, it doesn’t get much more tangled than when the MC’s are brothers, twin brothers, in love and in a romantic relationship with each other that they are trying to keep secret from their family.


However, Thomas and Tobias aren’t the only members of the family trying to maintain a secret. Grandma holds a secret representing a surprising past and their father holds one representing an uncertain future. As the secret that binds Thomas and Tobias is accidentally revealed, it initially looks like that may be one secret too many for this family to take. But, grandma is wise beyond her years and blood is thicker than water, so even though things will never be quite the same again, don’t count this family out.


This may be a short story, but it has a lot of charisma with great characters and a few surprises – I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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