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K.A. Merikan – Red Hot

Red Hot - Coffin Nails MC California - K.A. Merikan

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre:M/M Bikers


I'll start out by saying that this book won't be for everyone. But if it is for you? Hot-fucking-DAMN enjoy the ride! This isnot a story about two well adjusted people who meet and fall in love and have a sweet and healthy relationship. Red Jack is a violent outlaw of the Coffin Nails MC who fucks indiscriminately and tosses them aside, with an over-compensating ego due to ginger insecurity. And he is the sane one in this relationship. Loki is bat-shit-fucking-cray-cray, whether due to the tumor eating his brain or whether he's always been like this, we don't know, but he latches in to Red Jack being his dying love and he will not be ignored!


Watching the relationship change and grow, the HOT fucking sex, the violence, the feelings that develop, the danger, the murder, the feeeeeelz , all of it. If you love sexy as fuck man-on-man sex and morally ambiguous sexy bikers a la Sons Of Anarchy, this shit is for you.


Remember that biker gangs are not generally known for their open-mindedness with respect to homosexuals, in particular with members of their club. So don't expect a happy-go-lucky perfect white picket fence resolution. But despite bigoted bikers and brain tumors and psychotic main characters, do expect a HFN/HEA rough and raw love affair of epic proportions.

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