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K.A. Merikan – Road of No Return (Sex & Mayhem, #1)

Road of No Return - K.A. Merikan


Genre:m/m BDSM


Well... let me say that I am reading this series out of order. I've read books 2 and 5 which are fucking ridonculously good, so this one just didn't measure up for me. It's probably a good start for the series if your going in order, but it dragged for me.


Zak was an inconsistent push over. He'd give an ultimatum, all tough guy, and then immediately cave. Some of Stitch's behavior towards him really was terrible, but despite saying "enough is enough", those things never factored into his decision making. And can he really be that oblivious?! COMMUNICATION, people!


Even with regards to the possible repercussion, Zak seemed to underestimate the Club. We've all seen SoA, we know how this shit works! It's funny, because the characters in the other two books I read are harder, tougher, more dangerous. But their actions had purpose, as opposed to the overly emotional ones that Stitch (and Zak) make. I had a hard time accepting one in particular, it just made Zak feel like a huge hypocrite to me.

Then there is the typical bitchy ex-wife with extreme reactions to things. And the horrible club. In the other books I genuinely liked at least a few of the other guys, but everyone in this Club sucked.


Maybe I needed a break after the last two, and reading a third in a row was just overload or I held it to too high standards. I dunno. It's probably a good start to the series, although it's not the end of the world if you skip it. But if you read this and don't love it, DO NOT give up on this series! It only gets better, I promise!

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