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Morticia Knight – Building Bonds

Building Bonds (Kiss of Leather #1) - Morticia Knight

Reviewer: Wendy

Genre: M/M BDSM


Love was in the air when I read the blurb for this book. I couldn’t wait to get it into my grabby little hands, and hallelujah, the real thing more than lived up to my fantasy!

In my opinion, Master Gavin is the ideal type of Dom. He’s strong and controlling (obviously), but even more, he’s caring, honest, fully invested, and has the utmost sincerity in terms of ethics within the lifestyle. It also doesn’t hurt that he has a Denzel face and the body to go with it! As for Kyle, my heart ached for him. He was so painfully shy and had been treated like crap by his former boyfriend. His actions and demeanor screamed natural sub, but he clearly had many misconceptions about what that meant that made him hold back.


These two guys were a perfect pair. They had some key misunderstandings that nearly ended them before they had barely begun, but thankfully, Master Gavin’s determination (to be with Kyle and to communicate) got them through. The pace was a slow build which felt very appropriate give Kyle’s inexperience and initial reticence. The chemistry, however, was immediate and smokin’ hot.


It was so rewarding for me to see Kyle’s progression over time into someone more settled and comfortable in his own skin. Some of his revelations made me very emotional. For example when Kyle realized that no one had ever really cared what he felt before (whether he was happy or satisfied) and no one had ever cherished him before, I had the strongest urge to break his ex’s fingers, among other things, for the crap he piled on Kyle and then I wanted to roll up in a ball and cry.


Gavin and Kyle’s final scene together was definitely enough to do me in. Their connection and love were so apparent. When Kyle came undone, that was it for me. That scene will stick in my memory as a favorite for a long time.


Since this book looks like the start of a new series, I’ll be lining up for all the rest of them. This one imbedded itself in my heart and I highly recommend it!!!

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