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Annabeth Leong – Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted - Annabeth Leong


Genre: M/F Bdsm


I can admire a woman who knows what she wants, and Christine is definitely a woman who knows what she wants. Kinky is her thing and she needs a man who can accept her control, not one who thinks he can change her. Sam is that unique someone that seems like the perfect package – everything Christine has been searching for, so what’s the problem? Sam seems perfect, but despite his claim to want what Christine has to offer, she’s resolved to never be with another inexperienced man again.


Despite admiring Christine’s conviction in her wants and needs, she dropped a notch or two in my opinion of her when she wasn’t entirely straightforward with Sam. For someone in her position and given her experience and demands, I was expecting better communication and not the wishy washy head game she was actually doing. Sam, on the other hand, was as perfect as he first seemed and I was glad when he called her on her behavior.


This story takes place over a fairly short span of time and is just under a hundred pages, so it doesn’t get very in depth from a plot perspective; however, the characters are well done and come to life very vividly on page. The BDSM scene that plays out between Christine and Sam is fairly intense – especially for someone completely new to the lifestyle. I wouldn’t call this a romance per se, but there are strong feelings that come into play – something that seems very natural with two people in a total power exchange relationship.


I don’t read too much in the way of m/f romance these days – especially if it’s vanilla. I enjoyed this one because of its spiciness. A man on his knees who’s willing to give himself over to your every whim – yes, I could get down with that!

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