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Miss Merikan – Stripped Raw (Sex and Mayhem #3)

Stripped Raw - Coffin Nails MC California (biker erotic romance) (Sex & Mayhem Book 3) - Miss Merikan

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre: M/F Biker


I enjoyed this read, even though I was disappointed in Jolie's TSTL status. I read book 5, Red Hot, prior to this, so had already met Sam and Jolie as a couple. I liked them a lot and thought Jolie was a strong and independent woman, which is why I was so surprised to meet this bumbling bimbo. She makes terrible decisions, all the time.


But I really liked Sam, so that made up for it. You could see her through his eyes and appreciate her contradictions of sweet and naughty, her feminine appeal.


Based on reading other reviews I knew there was going to be a twist, and had guessed what it was, but still enjoyed watching the way things played out. It was revealed to the reader fairly early on, so you're not missing out if you know what it is ahead of time. It's this that really makes this story special. Watching Sam struggle with his identity and living with that fear. Some parts of it didn't seem to hold water, but others were addressed.


This was a good addition to the series, although books 2 and 5 are still my favorites. I liked the M/F addition and the fact that we get a few books in a row from the same MC. If M/F isn't your thing you could certainly skip this one without missing out on much, although I would say you should give it a chance. Yes, there is much talk of lady parts. Sam is a Nail after all, so there is liberal use of the word 'pussy'. But they're a good couple, and it sets you up well for Red Jack's book next, which is steaming!

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