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Tere Michaels – Groomzilla

Groomzilla - Tere Michaels

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: M/M Contemporary


Drama, drama, drama. Daniel Green’s life has been filled with drama ever since he befriended Ander in boarding school when they were just kids. Ander is loud and flamboyant and holds no prisoners when he’s upset, yet Daniel can calm Ander like no one else, including Ander’s fiancé, Rafe.


Leave it to Ander to decide the road to his wedded bliss should be lined with television cameras. He’s signed a contract to have his wedding filmed as part of a reality TV show. His ultimate goal is to establish himself as a designer so that he can leave the design house where he currently works under the thumb of an outrageously envious designer named Sven. Rafe is willing to go along with whatever Ander wants. Older than Ander, Rafe, an entertainment lawyer, has found joy and new life in being with the younger man, something he had thought his boring old self would never get to have.


Of course, Ander ropes Daniel into being his wedding planner. Daniel, an event planner who generally runs corporate gatherings and enjoys a neat, quiet and orderly life, wants no part in the drama of a TV reality show, but Ander gets his way as usual, and when Daniel meets Owen Grainger, all thoughts of saying no to Ander die a quick sudden death.


Owen is the co-producer on the show and a gorgeous former fashion model. When he shows an interest in Daniel, Daniel thinks that he must be paying attention to him for some ulterior motive. But even when Owen suggests that Daniel undergo a makeover, Daniel is putty in his hands and agrees quickly. It seems too good to be true, but as the show progresses and Ander’s temper flares, and the other producer continually demeans Daniel and his role, Owen is persistent and constantly at Daniel’s side. Could Daniel dare hope that this might last?


The stress of making the show and having Rafe constantly out of town on business trips begins to strain Ander’s last nerve and when things come to a head less than 48 hours before the wedding is due to take place, it takes all the reserves Daniel can muster to do his magic and save the day. But will he? Or will the reality show film more of a disaster than Daniel and Owen counted on?


This was a great story—very fast-paced, fun, romantic, interesting, and surprising in its final chapters. I truly enjoyed reading it. In fact, the humor was sometimes subtle, sometimes in-your-face outlandish, but was surprising in how much it helped me to enjoy this book. Of course, it helps that the author provided a good, solid romance and that there wasn’t an overdose of the push and pull angsty moments that we often get when one MC is outstandingly good-looking and the other is rather plain. These men treated each other as equals and each gave the other what they needed, whether they wanted it or not.


I highly recommend this one if you’re looking for something light and sweet, but with just a touch of suspense and surprise and an out-of-the-ordinary way to spend your day.

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