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S.J.D Peterson – Splintered (Splintered #1)

Splintered - SJD Peterson


Genre:M/M Mystery


This was an enjoyable read, and a good audio book as well. I could have used a bit more variety between the voices. Hutch (the sexy but grizzled cop), Byte (the GQ hacker), and Granite (the Goth geo-something specialist) all had uber deep and raspy Dom voice. So that fell a bit flat. But otherwise he had good emoting and tone throughout, and I'd recommend it as an easy listen.


Now the book itself. As I said, an enjoyable read. I had some vague suspicions as to possible villain that I think the Feds should have at least speculated on. But despite this being a mystery, you're not really supposed to figure out who the culprit is, because they never even have any viable suspects.


This is more about the working relationships and process of trying to catch a killer. The banter between the three co-workers was cute, although got to be a bit much at times. While the romance took a back seat (which I'm fine with), I just didn't feel the chemistry between our two MC's. Part of the problem was that Noah went from the shy socially awkward nerdy professor, to the aggressor/seducer, and this just didn't feel true for me. I would have been fine with this book having no sex while they developed a friendship/attraction, and tease us into the next book with promises of smexin. It was too early here so it felt rushed and out of character.


The climax was also slightly rushed, although to be honest I didn't mind, because I wasn't look forward to some huge traumatic torture scene or something. The resolution also, felt slightly off to me in a way that could have been easily fixed.


So there's a lot of criticisms here, as is typical with my 3 star reviews. But the reason it's a 3 star book is because despite all the nit-picking I did enjoy it throughout. I have read some phenomenal stuff by SJD, so I trust their writing skills, although this certainly wouldn't be an all-time favorite. That being said, I intend to keep an eye out for book 2 so I can continue on with these guys.