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Andrew Grey – Eastern Cowboy

Eastern Cowboy - Andrew  Grey

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: M/M Cowboy


When Brighton McKenzie’s beloved grandfather passes away, Brighton is shocked to be the sole recipient of his farm. His grandpa made a bequest to his daughter, Vera, and to Brighton’s sister and Vera’s children, but the balance of the estate, including the farm and the balance of his savings, is for Brighton to do with as he pleases. Vera wants him to sell because all the land around them has been developed, and she wants a piece of the fortune to be had if Brighton gives up and sells the place within two years.


The biggest hurdle is that Brighton severely injured his leg in an accident the year before, and he’s never fully recovered. He’s useless at manual labor and knows he’ll have to hire someone for all the odd jobs on the farm, no matter whether he expands or not. When his attorney suggests his own nephew, Tanner Houghton, Brighton is thrilled, and when he meets the sexy cowboy in person, he’s not only thrilled, he’s intrigued.

Tanner had been working on a ranch in Montana until the ranch owner found out he was seeing the owner’s son. Cast out for being gay, he returned to Maryland when he couldn’t find other work. Now, he’s happy to have a chance to do the work he loves. Tanner has more issues than an uncomfortable past, however. He stutters, badly, and he hates to have to talk. But Brighton eventually breaks down his resistance, and together, the two learn to accept their disabilities and work to overcome them.


The two men are attracted to each other and start a relationship, but Tanner has not told Brighton of his past, and when Tanner’s ex-boyfriend shows up to take him back to Montana, Brighton is devastated. After all, who would want a cripple like Brighton when they could have a good-looking and rich boyfriend like Royce? Tanner surprises Brighton when he sends Royce away, but the two have even more hurdles to overcome, including another leg injury for Brighton and a fight against the zoning board that they just may not win.


I enjoyed this audiobook, mainly due to the narration. Derrick McClain had a pleasant voice and kept up a good pace as he narrated the story. He had variety in the vocalizations of the MCs and secondary characters and added to my overall enjoyment of the story.


I would recommend this book to all Andrew Grey fans, as well as to those who enjoy a sweet and simple contemporary romance, with characters who have physical disabilities and limitations, but find a way to overcome the obstacles they face together as they move toward their HEA.

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