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Mary Calmes – Heart of the Race

Heart of the Race - Mary Calmes, Greg Tremblay, Dreamspinner Press LLC


Genre:M/M Contemporary


From the moment Brian Christie meets Varro Dacien, his heart is lost. Even though he’s only a child at the time, when he spies Varro trying to race his bike up a ramp on the roof of the house next door, he’s totally intrigued and ready to give it a try. When Varro’s attempt ends in disaster, Brian is there to comfort his mother, and from that moment on, he becomes one of the Dacien family.


The major problem as the years go on is that Brian is gay and literally loves Varro, not just as a friend, and through his teen years, watching the parade of girls going in and out of Varro’s life breaks Brian’s heart. When Brian puts some distance between them after he goes to college and Varro goes off to professionally race bikes, Brian has some breathing room, but he constantly rushes back to Varro’s side when accidents happen, and Varro ends up at death’s door. After it happens one too many times, Brian puts his foot down and refuses to attend the races. In fact, he goes so far as to refuse to even be in contact with Varro because it’s just not good for his emotional health.


Without Varro, Brian finds a life for himself, buying a home and establishing a business. But without Brian, Varro doesn’t seem to have a stopgap, and there’s no one there for him to slow down for. By the time the two finally face the fact that they shouldn’t be apart, it’s nearly too late.


But Mary Calmes comes through with the romance to make my GFY dreams come true and get the guys together for their HEA. Narrator Greg Tremblay did a great job with providing variation to the vocalizations and keeping the pace of the audiobook smooth. I definitely recommend this one to fans of Mary Calmes and to those who love a little GFY in their romances. Fairly short, the audiobook is less than three hours—the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

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