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Mary Calmes – Piece Of Cake

Piece of Cake (A Matter of Time Series) - Mary Calmes

Reviewer: Barb

Genre: M/M Contemporary


This story is the icing on the cake (pun intended) to the Matter of Time series by Mary Calmes.


Jory Harcourt and Sam Kage are going to get married in their home state of Illinois, even though they were married in New York two years ago, and they had previously filed domestic partnership papers in Illinois. The time is right to seal the deal where they live, and though they first plan to be married in a joint ceremony with Aaron Sutter and Duncan Stiel, they settle on having their own ceremony after Aaron’s plans grow beyond the simple service Jory and Sam envision.


But Jory is still Jory, and if there’s a way to attract negative attention, he’ll find it. He doesn’t mean for anything to happen, but it seems that he’s a magnet for disaster. When Jory is called to handle a problem at a party for one of his clients who is celebrating the IPO of his company’s stock, Sam can’t believe what he’s hearing over the phone as Jory is assaulted while Sam is listening! After he gets to Jory’s side and assures himself he’s okay, he reviews the list of Jory’s calamities that have occurred through the years. Unfortunately, Jory’s penchant for misadventure doesn’t stop with the assault. Readers will enjoy this trip down memory lane with the mature, older version of Jory, but will see that no matter how much time has passed, Jory will really never change.


I certainly loved the addition of Aaron and Duncan to this story. Witnessing their marriage, I felt like an old friend who was invited along to fondly recall Duncan’s progression from the closeted gay cop we first met in Acrobat, to the man who fell head over heels in love with Aaron in Parting Shot, and finally, to the strong, caring companion who has found a way to love and be supportive to one of the world’s richest men without changing his own moral standards. And Aaron, whom we first met early in the series and have seen off and on throughout the stories, is not only a loyal friend to Jory, he now feels like a long-term friend to readers, and I am extremely happy to see him settled with such a wonderful man in his life.


Sam’s promotion, the hit man hired to eliminate Jory, the plans for their wedding, the visit with Aaron and Duncan, are all mixed together by the very talented Mary Calmes in a complex recipe to create the perfect Piece of Cake. A lovely wrap-up to the series, it’s yummy, delicious, and not to be missed!

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