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Posy Roberts – Bent Arrow

Bent Arrow - Posy Roberts

Reviewer: Diane

Genre:M/M Contemporary


Luther Almond has inherited his grandparents lake house, but he has not been back home since he was 18 and he’s now 27, but he has plenty of childhood memories of the place. He’s been roaming, moving from job to job, hookup to hookup. Currently working the Bakken oil field has been perfect for him. Erik Heat is the plumber that arrives to fix the pipes in Luther’s temporary home, but when Luther spots Erik’s tattoo, he finds himself talking to the guy, thinking maybe he has a potential new hookup. However, the more time they spend together and actually talk (or text), Luther surprises himself by wanting more, even asking Erik to help him with some repairs at the lake house.

The story is told from Luther’s point of view


This book is listed as Book One, which is good, because I’d definitely like to read more! The story starts with Luther being told by his mother that his grandma left the lake house to him. While he has not been there in a few years, he does recall spending almost every summer of his childhood there and loved it. However, he thinks this is his mother’s way of trying to get him to settle in one place – possibly finding a nice girl to settle with. Luther left home so fast, he did not bother to tell his parents he was gay since he was not sure how that would go over in conservative North Dakota! Erik used to work in the field, but now works locally, including repairs on the trailers used for temporary housing for the field workers, which is how the two characters meet. When Erik bends over, Luther spots an arrow tattoo and even makes out some lettering that does not look like it was part of the original tattoo. In his attempt to make conversation about it, discovers it’s a sore subject for Erik, but he likes him and tries again – which goes better!


I loved this book because you have two characters that have strengths and vulnerabilities, they are both in a male dominated industry and Erik has come out with a more guarded personality than Luther. You’re able to get to know the characters and see their progression as people, on their own and with each other. I don’t want to give too much away, but my impression was that this story is about Luther taking ownership of who he is and be that person, while Erik has to make peace with the past so he can move ahead. Even though the story is told from Luther’s perspective, I loved both characters and definitely look forward to more stories, if the plan is for the stories to be about these two men. As a reader, I liked the story, loved the hot scenes between, cried over some of their revelations and did not want the story to end!


If you have read a Posy Roberts book, you probably already know this is a good book and have already got it! If you haven’t, I highly recommend this book and any of her books for character driven stories that are real, pull you in, and likely will bring out emotions from you like you were one of the characters! I read one person describe this story as a melancholy love story. It is not a happy ever after, it is a happy for now, but the potential in the two men makes it a very enjoyable story where you could either end it with this book, or expand it more. As a greedy reader, I would love to read more, but I would also understand if this was the only story of these two so your imagination could plan where they go from here! I would still highly recommend it and will add it to my favorites of 2015 list!

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