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Annabelle Jacobs – The Altered 3

The Altered 3 - Annabelle Jacobs

Reviewer: Diane

Genre: M/M Fantasy


As a summary of the series, in 1995, a lab created lycanthropy pathogen was put into the water supply in Great Britain, with varied results, some people were not affected at all, some became full shifter wolves, some partial, some gained the ability to see the altered, but could not shift themselves, while some were not affected at all. After the initial water contamination, the experiments and research were supposed to have stopped. However, that was not the case and as we found in The Altered 2, a private organization was funding research and people were “selected” as subjects. Matt, his bestfriends Daniel and Ash and their mates, Jordan and Sam, along with Keira and Charlie, escaped to the Cornwall countryside after destroying the lab that abducted Jordan and resulted in Ash becoming a shifter. This book is the next chapter of Matt’s story.

The story is told from the alternating points of view of Matt and Thomas.


As with the previous books, the author managed to make me cry, cheer and get a crick in my neck as I could hardly put the book down and this is definitely on my favorites of 2015 list! Not only do you have the unusual take on a shifter story, you have romance and the story even brings in political intrigue and action for the complete story! And it was all done with a good pace to the story while maintaining the point of the story, which was Matt and Thomas.


Matt is the last of the group who is unmated, and there are definitely days he feels lonely as a result. They are creating apartments in the barn buildings on their property so they are not all in the same house, but the companionship/partnership he still feels is missing.

Thomas is newly altered, mostly as a result of his mother, who is a high ranking politician who wants an investigation into altered who have gone missing as well as calling for equal human rights towards the altered. The group in Cornwall take him in to give him refuge and help him understand how to deal with what has happened to him and possibly help him acclimate to his new existence.


An outcome no one saw coming was the idea that Thomas could be Matt’s mate, when all along, when everyone has thought he was straight all this time! If that is not enough of a dramatic twist, the encounters this small pack have had with those who would experiment and create more altered is not over and the threat may come right to the door to disrupt the calm they have created at their farm.


As I said, the story has action, romance, intrigue, paranormal and politics – there even manages to be some humorous sides with the revelation Matt’s mate is not at all what he expected. Well paced with great characters you can connect to and cheer for. Had it not been for work, I would have had this read in one day as I did the last one because I enjoyed it so much! And I liked how the story ended for now, but was not all tied up neatly in all aspects, although I still very much enjoyed the outcome.


As with the first two stories, I would recommend this for paranormal and fantasy fans since it is a balance between the two.

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