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Hurri Cosmo – A Place To Belong

A Place To Belong - Hurri Cosmo

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Logan is an RN who has come to Texas to care for a feisty rich lady named Gail, who he comes to adore. As the story begins, Gail, in her 90s, is on the verge of death and unfortunately, here come the family vultures. The worst of these is her grandson, Clayton, who in three years hasn’t visited his grandmother but has repeatedly requested money. Logan is trying to deal with his grief at the impending loss, the ignorance of Clayton who is already planning on his inheritance, and the hope that the grandson who hired him, Bradley, will make it back from a business trip in time to see his grandmother and help Logan out.

Bradley and Logan’s introduction and story is told in flashbacks for the most part. I have to admit, the interview that took place when Logan was applying for the job struck me as very unprofessional, especially considering it was conducted by Bradley, a very professional man. “What makes a fine-looking young man like you even apply for this type of position?” Ummm, he’s an RN? We won’t even comment on the fine-looking part, Bradley.

The biggest problem I had with the story was I didn’t buy the big connection between Bradley and Logan, since we don’t get enough of them together to make it work. The focus seemed more on saving Gail’s possessions from the greedy and calculating Clayton. Logan seems genuinely fond of Gail and that relationship was gone into a bit more. I also found the sex to be too soon, or maybe just out of place, considering the circumstances.

I think I needed more to the story, particularly when it comes to Bradley and Logan to make me feel more connected to the characters.

I did greatly appreciate Bradley’s recounting of his father, grandfather and Gail, since so often there is the portrayal of the grandmother as an unconditionally loving, angel type. While Gail ended up being good, she wasn’t always and the ramifications to her family were far reaching.

Overall, this was a quick, easy read. I had no trouble following the story.

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