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Amber Kell – His Beautiful Beast

His Beautiful Beast - Amber Kell

Reviewer: Kevin

Genre:M/M Paranormal


While I have read some remarkable works by this author, this one has to be my least favorite. The story line felt underdeveloped and the characters were mediocre at best. The one redeeming quality was Jonah not turning out to be a total douche bag.

This is a somewhat convoluted retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Unfortunately, the characters are one sided, the story is not consistently presented and there is a of lack sufficient dialogue to help the reader become sympathetic to any of the characters.

The saving grace was the developing relationship between Sammy and Jonah while trying to overcome the curse placed on the unsuspecting Sammy and the lengths that Jonah is willing to go to in order to protect and be with the man he has falling in love with.

This story is not indicative of the author’s previous work. I still look forward to reading more of her future stories and hope they live up to those I’ve read in the past.

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