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Kim Fielding – Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake - Kim Fielding

Reviewer: Sandra

Genre:M/M Contemporary


Kim Fielding is, simply put, amazeballs. Her books aren't over the top. They don't lay thick the tragedy in an obvious attempt to fuck with your emotions. They don't present a simple romance with a white-picket fence HEA.


They give you someones life. Real and true and not always pretty, but also not gruesome. It just is. And it is so fucking beautiful. And when you get your white-picket fence HEA it feels honest and genuine and well deserved.


I'd be hard pressed to tell you a character that I've loved more than Jimmy. I could listen to him talk all day in that rambling drawl (I don't think he was actually southern but I put a twang on his voice in my head and have no qualms about it!) He was sweet and sad and wonderful, and so much more broken than the well-loved Shane who limped into his life and wouldn't let go.


I loved that he was 43 years old. It's easy for us to accept the idea of a man in his twenties having a life-changing experience or turning things around. Whether or not we admit it, society does tend to be harder on people pushing middle-aged and we're not nearly as accepting and forgiving as we like to think. Similarly to A Note In The Margin by Isabelle Rowan, this book really made me think about homelessness and drifters and the way we treat people.


There's really not much to say except that this is an absolutely beautiful story. I teared up a few times but it's not a tear-jerker. Jimmy had a horrible upbringing but it's not angsty. And although my heart skipped a beat every time Jimmy mentioned that he'd be leaving the next day or so, I could see through him as transparently as Shane. You need to read this. Now. Thank you and your welcome.

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