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Ingela Bohm – Rival Poet

Rival Poet - Ingela Bohm

Reviewer: Rich

Genre:M/M Historical Romance


A beautifully written book detailing a plausible romance between Christopher Marlow and William Shakespeare.

Meticulously researched; Elizabethan London comes alive on the pages. The filth, poverty, and squalor is almost palpable. One can almost smell the pollution of the Thames as it flows through London, more sewer than river. The vocabulary, syntax, and writing style conveys the author’s skill. My third trip to the Oxford English Dictionary (unbridged) confirmed this to me.

That being said, this humble reviewer admits this title is not for everyone. Those seeking a salacious book filled with sex scenes will not find it. Those who simply wish for a non -challenging straight forward plot, will not find it.

What the reader will find is a novel filled with insight into the life and times of Elizabethan England when homosexuality was punishable by death. The rich and the powerful nobility engaging in child trafficking get a free pass due to their status and wealth.

Snippets of the works of both Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare ae expertly woven into the dialogue.

I enthusiastically recommend this work for all too at least attempt. The rewards for exceed the effort. A truly memorable work

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