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Sean Michael: Fairytale Shifters: Beauty and the Beast

Fairytale Shifters: Beauty and the Beast - Sean Michael

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Paranormal, Shifters


Review: I loved the idea of Tromp, the rhino shifter. He’s got poor vision in both forms, he’s a little clumsy and uncool and he’s sweet and kind. And a vegetarian, yes! When Tromp goes out, he’s very self-deprecating - he wants to see the beautiful people dance (something he isn’t good at) and he wants to have a beer. When he sees the beautiful Pepper go onstage to dance, Tromp is immediately smitten.

Pepper is a black panther shifter (with an albino sister named Salt!) and he’s had a rough past. He is beautiful, and in his words, pointy. The two hit it off with a bit of an interruption in the form of a really nasty crocodile.

The story is a fairy tale, after all, so the insta-love was okay by me. It’s a very cute premise that consists mostly of sex but I thought it was a fluffy chaser between longer books.

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