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Angelique Voisen – Rex’s Dirty Biker (Broken Soldiers #2)

Rex's Dirty Biker (Broken Soldiers Book 2) - Angelique Voisen

Reviewer: Lucy

Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Rex is a soldier, serving in the desert and dreaming of coming home to his love, Shelly, and their white picket fence dreams. All that is keeping him going is “a remembrance of home, to my shining promise.” It takes an ambush to make those dreams turn into that desert-like sand. He returns home, after months of surgeries and therapy, in a wheelchair with his beloved Shelly not having visited him once and never returning phone calls. When his friend , Rider (also a broken solider) , brings him to the house he shared with Shelly, it is actually Shelly’s big brother, rough, tattooed biker, Riddle, who is there to let him know – baby sister Shelly pulled the worst thing you can do and she bailed. I hated her and she’s never even present in the story.

Riddle is a little crude, a lot rough and a whole lot awesome. He knows what his sister did was unforgiveable, “I tried. Told her not to leave, knowing what it would do to you, but she didn’t listen.” What Riddle does is pick up the pieces. He’s going to wait for Rex to ask for help and in the meantime, he’s going to help and be there for him. He puts up with a lot from Rex but he is the one light that Rex has, even if he takes it for granted while he’s trying to heal inside.

Rex is able to maintain erections and have sex just fine (luckily!) and he has a loyal, if a bit rough, ally in Riddle. These two don’t have the fluffy, sappy type of relationship, they have something better. Something real.

The huge burning question I had was – what happened with Shelly afterwards? Riddle himself says when he left to ride with his MC brothers he disconnected from all his family except her. Do they ever see her? Do they make amends (at this point, I hope not!) This is a romantic story regardless of the sniping they do with each other and I enjoyed it.

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