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Clare London – Double Scoop (With a Kick #8)

Double Scoop (With A Kick Book 8) - Clare London

Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Jocular Press
Genre: MM Contemporary


Review: Finally, finally, FINALLY!! The story of Patrick the oblivious and Lee the adorable! Finally! I am a fan of the With a Kick series but I have been waiting for these two. I was very worried, since these two have been present throughout the series, wanting and not doing anything about it. Would it be as good as I hoped they’d be? Thank ice cream, YES!

Patrick is the grumpy owner of With a Kick, our favorite ice cream shop that is for more than just kids. It is due to Lee’s suggestion that Patrick even started the place and it’s Lee who helps keep it going. So many couples have come together around With A Kick, yet through it all Patrick and Lee just keep dancing around the issue. Who’s fault is that? Patrick’s! While Lee has made it pretty clear what he wants, Patrick has this idea that he isn’t enough, or maybe he’s too much, for Lee. Until that fateful day when a random spark ignites the building, with Lee in it.

The accident that hurts Lee does a number on With a Kick and it takes an army of friends to put it back together. People that Patrick didn’t even realize would want to help, because sometimes he is just so thick-headed. It is a telling thing that while waiting to hear news of Lee, make sure he is okay from the blast, a stranger gives comfort to Patrick. “Hope your son’s well again soon.” And isn’t that a big part of Patrick’s problem, that he feels he’s too old for Lee?

Sometimes the misunderstandings between the two of them make you want to clunk their heads together. I admit from my point of view, it’s Patrick. I love the guy but come on!! Under the guise of “doing what’s best” for Lee, he’s hurting him in the process.
I loved seeing how everyone we got to meet in other books rallies together to get things repaired and With a Kick open again. They work, they raise money, they put on a show, they keep the word out. It’s an awesome community.

With the arrival of Karel, we have more problems. With Patrick constantly treating Lee as the “boy”, someone of Patrick’s own age who happens to be gorgeous, smart and funny? It’s bound to cause hurt feelings, especially when Patrick’s doubts keep resurfacing. And the longer things go on, the more awkward and tense they get. What’s it going to take to get these two on the right road?

You can definitely read this as a standalone but it packs more of a punch if you’ve read the series, as you know all the people involved here but more importantly, you see how long Patrick and Lee have been sidestepping each other. And glory be, Patrick does have a romantic side. The proof is in the mug. Adorable!

I am hoping this isn’t the end of With A Kick, because I now that I know my favorite guys are all settled, Karel needs a story. Oh, Ms. London…

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