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Lynn Kelling – Only the Lonely

Only the Lonely - Lynn Kelling

Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Fantastic Fiction Publishing
Genre: M/M Contemporary


Besides being the queen of stories that push conventional boundaries, I also firmly believe that no one does prequels quite like Lynn Kelling either. The “Twin Ties” series remains one of my absolute favorites. Despite the three other MCs who feature prominently in the series, at the heart and soul of it, it’s Evan’s character and the things that shaped his troubled youth that take center stage. Based on that, of course I’m going to jump at the chance to get inside his head and try to understand how it made him the person I adored and just wanted to protect as a slightly older character!


Even knowing the basic backdrop of Evan’s life growing up from reading the series, it still doesn’t compare to the first-hand account of being in the moment as the actual events unfold. My heart hurt for Evan all over again as he coped with loneliness so great it led to behaviors that put him in harm’s way over and over again. I basically knew what to expect, but it still didn’t stop my heart from speeding up and breath from hitching as his life started to implode.


And now that I’ve had the chance to devour a little bit of prequel Evan, I have an irresistible urge to re-read the original trilogy – I loved it that much! For fans of the series, this is a must read (but be aware of the side effect – wanting to gorge on more of Evan, Brennan, Alek and Luka). Loved it!

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