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Angel Martinez – Brandywine Investigations: Open for Business

Brandywine Investigations: Open for Business - Angel Martinez

Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Mischief Corner Books
Genre: M/M Fantasy


Review:   If you have heard of Amber Quill Press, you may also have heard they closed down as of March 30, 2016. Thankfully, authors were given rights to their books back and in the case of the Brandywine Investigations series by Angel Martinez, Mischief Corner Books will now be the publisher of this series. To start that off, the first three books of the series – Canines, Crosshairs & Corpses; No Enemy but Time and Diamonds, Dragons & Discord, have been reedited and expanded by about 18K (mostly in No Enemy but Time) and got some brand new cover art by Mila May where she represents Hermes and Fafnir from Diamonds, Dragons & Discord.
The premise of the stories are Greek gods in our modern world since humans are not going to temples, the gods need to find other employment!
Canines, Crosshairs & Corpses is told from the alternating point of view of Hades and Ti.
No Enemy but Time is told from Zack’s point of view
Diamonds, Dragons & Discord is told from the alternating point of view of Hermes and Fafnir, although there are a few chapters told from Michael’s point of view as he helps with a case.

Canines, Crosshairs & Corpses: Brandywine Investigations #1
When Hades is served divorce papers, he’s a bit at a loss of what to do and his family are worried about him fading, which can happen to gods when they are without followers. His depression over his divorce, and perhaps, more importantly, separation from his beloved Cerberus, leads to an intervention from Hestia, Dionysus, Hermes and to his surprise, Charon. Hades decides to open Brandywine Investigations, named after the river he chooses to reside near in Wilmington, Delaware as New York City is too chaotic for him! After modifications to his helm of invisibility and the car he chooses to drive, thanks to his family, he is ready for his first case! And with Hades, of course he cannot go about building cases the normal way, so he goes out looking and finds so much more than he thought when he and Charon come across a body and a scared homeless man named Tiberius (Ti). There is adventure, humor, new beginnings for a few characters and a well written, excellent story here and for how Hades may have been presented before, I came out of this story with him as one of my favorites characters/gods!

No Enemy But Time: Brandywine Investigations #2
Zagreus (who goes by Zack) is Hades only son and he has been living with Michael, an angel who had been Zack’s guardian, but when he gave in to his feelings for Zack, his punishment was swift and after recovering from having his wings removed, has found happiness with Zack, his garden, their house and Zack’s family. Zack has a limited relationship with his father, made more challenging with his parent’s divorce and the presence of Ti, although you get the impression Hades would like a better relationship between the two of them. While visiting the city, they learn there are some chaos gods at work and they seem to be targeting fallen angels – fallen angels can sometimes go into a madness and sadly, that seems to be what happens to two people who had formerly been living happy, quiet lives. Zack is having bad feelings of whether Michael will be affected by this. Of the three stories, this one has been expanded the most, including more back story than the original, but the story is just as powerful and for this one, I expect you will need tissues handy as it is wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time. Again, the whole family is present to help, support and take on whatever threat there is and they are all incredibly well done characters!

Dragons, Diamonds & Discord: Brandywine Investigations #3
This one has a dragon, need I say more?!? Well, yes, this story is Hermes as one the main characters and it turns out someone has stolen from one of his shops – which is impressive since Hermes is usually the thief, but it is also intriguing and worrisome as Hermes figures out the pattern the thefts may take. Again, the family comes together to catch the thief, who turns out to be a dragon, but not just any dragon and not behaving the way legends suggest a dragon would when he collects treasures. A great adventure and mystery story, all the characters that have been introduced so far are brought back again to help with this case and even Michael gets to help – much to Zack’s dismay.
I would recommend these stories for fans of romance, mystery, adventure, fantasy stories or just great fiction. Angel Martinez is quite brilliant with the world building she does in her stories and whenever they are set in the human world, I feel like I should be able to go to New York or Wilmington and meet these characters there, it feels that real! Very much a highly recommended book and easily one of my favorites of 2016.

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